This is a temporary post until I fill in the details.

If you’re looking to train with me to make your body feel and look more like it did before you were pregnant, this is what I’ll tell you.
Postnatally, which you still are (we’re always postnatal, if you think about it), we’d first focus on core strength and movement. I’d teach you how to make sure you can engage your deep core muscles, and breath (sounds dull, is really important) whilst using your core.  To build on that, we’d do movements including planks, squats, lunges, lifting a weight off the floor safely and strongly, getting up off the floor strongly and safely carrying something awkward (like, a baby 😉 and hanging (underratedly powerful for core strength), to build strength, muscle and endurance that will have immediate impact on how you move and feel.
And we’d build a strong cardio base to support all of that to make you more awesome all round.
Your abdominal muscles, along with all of your muscles because no muscles work in isolation, will tone (which means get bigger and more dense) from working against resistance – so weights, gravity, and the body tension you learn to generate, and they will get stronger. Your body will feel much better to move around in.
I’ve never known anybody not love how they feel when they’re strong and powerful.
I can’t make promises as to how that will look on your body, because body shapes are at the mercy of genetics, stress levels, sleep, habits, and there’s only so much control we have over them without giving up our health in the process.
But like I said, I’ve never known anybody not love how they feel when they are stronger and more powerful.
The following blog post might have lots of unfamiliar things in if you’re new to my world, but the bits about how your body responds to the exercises will be interesting :
I’m coming back to this post to fill in more details soon, but if you’re coming to this website postnatally, or during pregnancy, this is the most honest and empowering fitness space that I can make for you 🙂

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