The Training Methodology

Fitness solely to change the way you look is ultimately empty fitness, yet it’s the sole driver of most fitness aimed at women.

“Interest in, and enjoyment of, how your body feels” is the simplest way to explain the “results” of what I ask you to do in my fitness space and take beyond it into your lives.

My training methodology covers 5 Principles:

Core, Tension, Muscle, Movement, Breathing.

You can read about them here.

Strong woman with kettlebell performing windmill

Who Am I?

I’m Shell.

I escaped the no-mans-land of movement-as-punishment that captured and tormented me as a teenager and young adult,  via a rabbit hole route to eventually teaching you the fitness that I know so far; fitness that becomes a way of life, a way to discover and change, constantly, how you see yourself.

So I’ll tell you all the things I “know” how to do and teach, like it’s my fitness CV, but the truth is, what makes Juno Fitness interesting to you is that I can use what I know to give you a way of exercising that makes your body feel the way you want it to feel.

The CV: Ballet, yoga, swimming, running, kettlebell training, strength training, conditioning, hand-balance. Certifications, qualifications. I’m co-leader of the UK branch of the original international kettlebell teaching school, RKC find out more and Erg Army UK find out more. I have an adhd-fuelled ability to hyper-focus on bodies and movement. I’m a lover of being in a gym, in front of people, particularly women, showing them how it feels to experience the capabilities of their bodies, and training them to never forget it.

Fitness isn’t a way to change how your body looks.

Fitness is a way of becoming better at being yourself.

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