Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness Training In Coventry | Juno Fitness

Whether you’re pregnant or postnatal, you can train safely here.

I am qualified as a pre-and postnatal trainer, I’ve trained many women with babies, and I’ve had three of my own.

Safety and function are number one priorities across the board with everyone I train, so all adjustments I make for pregnant and postnatal bodies are on top of that existing base of safety.

You can train in a 1-1 capacity with me (although I have limited availability) or you can be supported to work within the main membership of Juno Fitness with adaptions for your body.

Drop me a message and we’ll work it out 🙂

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Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness Training 1-1

Stay strong and healthy during and after your pregnancy with personal strength and fitness training sessions designed specifically for new and expectant mothers.

Being pregnant and giving birth are probably some of the hardest yet most rewarding experiences you’re ever likely to have. Exercising can be challenging at the best of times but during pregnancy, it can be even tougher.

At Juno Fitness, you can access safe and informed pregnancy and postnatal personal fitness training at a private gym in Coventry to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your changing body, and tangible positive health outcomes during your pregnancy and post birth.

Also birth is hard work, training for it is recommended! (all types of birth ♥)

Here’s a link to a free resource from the team that qualified me to coach pre and postnatal strength training to show you how you can stay fit and strong during pregnancy.

Prenatal Personal Trainer Services

Whether you’re a regular at the gym or if you’ve never exercised before, you’re welcome here. Everything we do is simply the basics, done really well, and done a lot.

Exercising during your pregnancy will build and maintain strength, conditioning and flexibility to support your changing body and prepare you for birth and beyond.

I’ll help you create habits to allow you to exercise safely, factoring in your exercise experience, your free time and your changing energy levels, so your body and your baby will stay as safe and strong as possible.

Enquire today and get 1-1 personal training sessions online that’ll help you become fitter and healthier with professional guidance.

Postnatal Personal Trainer Services

About that toned belly….

Your body has experienced a monumental transformation throughout pregnancy and childbirth. I’ll help you to rebuild your core and pelvic floor muscles, raise your energy levels and improve your wellbeing after childbirth. I’ll work with you to restore your body so that you can continue feeling happy, healthy and strong after bringing a new life into the world.