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You’ve just found the answer to releasing your inner athlete.

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“The biggest personalities in the fitness industry today make money out of creating fashionable bodies, distracting us from the real reason to pursue physical fitness; to create usable, resilient, enjoyable bodies”


I’m Shell Gilkes, a women’s personal trainer for women who want to train their bodies to be strong, healthy and powerful.

I started Juno Fitness to empower all women and give them the support and knowledge that they need to help them to finally feel confident in their bodies through the power of movement – for optimal health and wellbeing, our bodies evolved to exercise. Not to exercise for fashion reasons, but for tangible survival and mental health reasons.

That’s how I train bodies; to be happier people who are harder to kill 😉

By lifting weights, women can take control of the story that we’ve been told about taking up less space in the world.

Think about it; how would it feel to focus on what your body can do (cool stuff like press-ups and deadlifts) and how it feels (strong, mobile, powerful, full of energy), rather just on what it looks like?

Because women can never be too strong in a world that’s trying to keep us down.

For women who are done with battling with their bodies

As a strength-focused women’s personal trainer, my world of coaching is fun, supportive and empowering.

You do not have to use exercise and food as punishment. I’m not the kind of personal trainer for women who want to continue to suffer like that. As of now, you’re done with the rollercoaster of “eat less and burn off what you do eat”. It hasn’t worked for you so far – you’re likely not happy, quite tired and often hungry.

At Juno Fitness we know that dieting and exercising is a pointless distraction, and has been holding us back for years from our true athletic potential.

Instead, at Juno Fitness you’ll learn how to eat and train properly and consider yourself an athlete (even if only in secret, to yourself!)

Because women who are strong, healthy and powerful – instead of weak, tired and hungry – are women who can take on the world.

Women deserve to be trained like Goddesses, not Princesses.

I will teach you how to become the empowered, strong, well-conditioned athlete that you were always meant to be (yes, athletes, all of you) by finally treating your body with respect and intelligently training it to become strong, fit and resilient, in a way that easily fits into your life.

This means lifting proper weights and pushing it to do hard things BUT also resting it well, fuelling it properly and committing to yourself to show up frequently to make the changes you want to make to your body and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a women’s personal trainer, make sure you choose carefully. We’re not all the same.

Juno Fitness shows women how to train their bodies so that they can stop trying to take up less space, take the focus away from losing weight, and start finally enjoying their bodies for how powerful they really are.

When we stop fighting with our own bodies and start treating ourselves and our fellow women as powerful athletic creatures, the game changes entirely. Fitness and health are not a body size.

Come and find out more.

Women cannot be too strong.

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Technique is key to my teaching. I’ll help you learn new exercises, gradually get your reps and weight up, but most importantly, I’ll make sure you’re doing them right. I want you to learn the skill of strength so that you don’t need to rely on me.


With years of experience working with women and learning about the unique way women’s bodies respond to strength & conditioning training, I plan training programmes that work, understand that every woman is different and work with women to make lasting differences to your mindset and your relationship with your body.


I know achieving your fitness, strength or body confidence goals isn’t always easy. But I’m here to offer the support and compassion you need. I want to help you feel like the best version of yourself — I’m not just a personal trainer, I’m your very own personal cheerleader.

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 My PT Services Include

  • 1-1 Personal Training (Virtual & Private Gym-based)
  • Group Personal Training (Virtual & Private Gym-based)
  • Pregnancy & Postnatal Specialist

Enquire today and get 1-1 personal training sessions online that’ll help you become fitter, stronger and healthier with professional guidance.

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