You’ve just found the answer to releasing your inner athlete; kettlebell training. 

Lifting Women – the place where we bring The Training Sessions to life.

Lifting Women is the physical location for The Training Sessions, led by me, Shell, as in-person classes.

The classes follow The Training Sessions; which is a weekly changing programme based on my core principles of fitness, and my creativity and love of making fitness genuinely interesting. I write the sessions fresh every week, and make them creative, challenging, interesting, and (importantly) based on science and research as to what methods make a real impact on transferable, long-lasting strength and fitness*.

There are three membership tiers based on how many in-person classes you want to attend (scroll down for timetable). All of the tiers still include access to the full Training Sessions, and open gym slots so you can train 3x a week with ALL of the tiers.

The tiers are as follows:

  1. 6 classes per month £69
  2. 9 classes per month £89
  3. 12 classes per month £109

Before joining, you’ll have at least two 1-1 induction sessions with me so that I can teach you the kettlebell skills that you need to make safe and sustainable progress, and so that I can get to know you and your body.

We have limited numbers and a booking system so that it’s semi-personal training in a group environment.

Lifting Women combines semi-personal training with a sports club ethos of team enjoyment and the knowledge that you pursue an athletic endeavour – the sport and skill of strength training.

*Most fitness aimed at women is patronising, temporary, and solely aesthetic. 

Women’s bodies respond – metabolically, physically and mentally – so extremely well to doing things that make them stronger and more athletic, it’s almost as if we were designed to do grow whole other people inside us and carry them around for years.

Oh, wait.. 😉 

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Timetable And Prices


  1. Six classes per month £69
  2. Nine classes per month £89
  3. Twelve classes per month £109

The supporting 3x a week app classes and a maximum of 6x open gym sessions per month is included in those prices.

NOTE: Classes and open gym sessions will need to be booked onto in advance via the Lifting Women WhatsApp group – if nobody is booked in then we may not be there to let you in!

Want to get fit with the help of a professional personal trainer in Coventry? I offer 1-1 and group fitness training online and in-person

“It’s not necessarily the weights you need to learn how to use, it’s how to use your body WITH weights. That’s what’s missing from mainstream fitness training and that’s what we focus on inside Lifting Women – how to use your body to do hard things inside the gym so that normal life feels easy. Like suddenly you can put your kids’ bikes on the roof of the car without ‘throwing your back out’ or asking a man to help you”

Me, Shell. I said that.

Why Kettlebells?

Kettlebell training was the gateway to transforming my body, and if you let it, it will be the same for you.

I mean change physically, but the mental changes that came from kettlebell training far surpass the impressiveness of any physical changes, and in fact were and are essential to be able to get the physical changes in the first place. You need to be prepared to be both humbled and amazed as you make the changes to incorporate real kettlebell training into your life.

Number one: Kettlebell training is a skill.

Kettlebell are used in gyms everywhere. 99% of the time they’re used badly and ineffectively, not dissimilar to how you see swimming pools in most gyms, but you can’t swim like a competitive athlete just by virtue of getting in it and having someone give you the instruction, “swim”.

Kettlebell training is a skill that kettlebell athletes spend years practicing so that they can use weights heavy enough to cause adaptions to the body; strength, muscle, metabolism, cardiovascular capacity, carryover into every aspect of their physical lives.

These classes are led by  one of the UK leaders of the hardest-to-pass kettlebell instructor certification in the world, and she happens to also be extremely friendly and dying to teach you everything she knows.

You can know exactly what to do to train like a kettlebell athlete, safely,  in your 3x weekly kettlebell classes.

As part of your signing-up, you’ll do at least 2x personal training sessions with me so that I can teach you safety and skills that you’ll benefit from immediately, and that will enable you to jump into the classes and start progressing class after class.

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What’s The Group Like?

We are a group of women who have all found our way here from a desire to break from mainstream, gimmick-driven and punishment-focused fitness to connect with our bodies’ natural and innate strength and fitness potential.

We all have slightly different aims, of course, because we’re unique women, but what unites us is the desire to be stronger, and reap the physical and mental benefits that having a stronger body provides.

This isn’t a gym full of intimidating people; we’re down to earth, quirky, fun-loving and inspirational women who are here to escape the stresses of life, get out of our heads and into our bodies.

I’m creating a movement for women who want to be stronger, not because we think we’re not good enough as we are, but to make us realise our power, independence and freedom.

Acceptance and continuing membership of either 1-1 or group training is contingent upon you training more than once a week, and this is why.

From a culture that seeks to make women less, we’re here to become more.