“I want a strong body but, I don’t want to go on a diet”

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(Yes, you can eat pizza and have the body shape and health that you want)

“I want a strong body but I don’t know where to start”
“I don’t want to go on a diet”
“I just want to be able to eat the same as my family”
“I get headaches when I’m hungry”
“I only eat 1500 calories a day, should I eat even less?”
“Can you give me a meal plan?”
“How much should I be eating?”
Healthy pizza healthy diet
Yes, you can eat pizza
A strong body, strong mind.

Why can eating and strength training be such complicated subjects for women?

Here’s an idea, let’s come at it from a different angle shall we:

Expansion by Paige Bradley. Strong, beautiful, powerful looking woman.
(Image: Expansion by Paige Bradley, photographed in New York)
How strong and powerful and is this image?

Strength takes skill.
Strength needs food.
Strength grows when you rest.
Strength liberates you.
Strength is sexy.

With that in mind, here’s a cool way to change the record from thinking about how much less you need to eat, or what you should or shouldn’t eat; focus on how much strength and skill you can build instead, and how you can fuel it accordingly. Then rest and recover, and enjoy your new-found freedom and body that suddenly feels superpowered.

Here’s your new mantra:


If you focus on making a strong body, you’ll find that the shape of your body changes accidentally, and becomes less and less important compared with what it can let you do and how good it can feel.

I’m not endorsing living off crisps and biscuits, but neither am I endorsing living off chicken breast and steamed broccoli either.

A strength coach also has a responsibility to coach students in how to fuel their bodies. Food choice and eating habits need honing to help their bodies function with enough nutrients, enough calories and enough enjoyment that they look forward to each time they eat.

Simple. No meal plan needed. No hunger needed. No “diet” needed. No eating differently to the rest of the family. No silly ideas about food having “sins” (or whatever).

Strength is not temporary, it’s a way of life. The way you eat shouldn’t be temporary, either. It should be a way of life.

If you swing, squat, press, snatch and get-up with kettlebells appropriate for your strength levels, you’ll find that you don’t need to even worry about how much and what to eat. Your body will do the thinking for you by making you feel hungry and healthy, so that food choices become instinctive and enjoyable.

You’ll find that you crave the foods that your body naturally needs, have bundles of energy and crave kettlebell swings and squats and push-ups or whatever you love to do with your body to help put that energy to good use!

It’s a happy upward spiral – start training your body for strength, need to eat food, get stronger, train your body harder, look and feel better, want to carry on looking and feeling better, eat better food, enjoy how being strong and healthy makes you feel and look, do more of the things that make you stronger and healthier.

Preparing to start on the rest of your life doesn’t have to mean making monumental changes. A great coach will make this process normal and manageable for your lifestyle. You don’t have to conform to a gym schedule and classes that are supposed to suit everybody and nobody in particular.

A great coach will help create your strong body with sensible strength training and eating suggestions. All you need to bring to the party is the desire to want to be better, be stronger and be sexier.

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