Beginners Kettlebell Course – Starting 2nd July

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Where Do Kettlebells Come From?
Kettlebells became popular in 17th century Russia, but examples of Kettlebell type training date back to the ancient Greeks. Kettlebells are effective for anyone wanting to burn fat, calories, and increase their metabolic rate. They will ultimately lead to a leaner, healthier and more aesthetic you!
They also focus on drills that are used in the real world: we pick things up from the floor, lift shopping out of the boot of the car, put luggage in the holder on aeroplanes and so forth. When was the last time you needed to do a bicep curl on a daily basis?

What Can Kettlebells Do For Me?
Kettlebells can get you fit and lean in a matter of weeks. They are based around compound, functional moves that involve several muscle groups and therefore you can achieve twice the results in literally half of the time.

Can I Use Kettlebells Without Bulking Up?
Unless you specifically train to bulk up, all you can expect from Kettlebell training is a lean and aesthetic physique, a stronger and more toned core, greats legs and bum, and of course the ability to fly – ok, I lied about the last one! You will however no longer be at the mercy of stubborn jam jars, and everyone will ask why your arms look so amazing 🙂

Learning the basic lifting techniques is essential to avoid injury and get the most out of this awesome tool. Forget the silly pictures you see in fitness magazines. This is the real deal. And everybody deserves to realise how strong they are capable of becoming.

Starting with the basics.

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