There are three membership tiers based on how many in-person classes you want to attend (scroll down for timetable). All of the tiers still include access to the full Training Sessions, and open gym slots so you can train 3x a week with ALL of the tiers.

The tiers are as follows:

  1. 6 classes per month £69 click to sign-up
  2. 9 classes per month £89 click to sign-up
  3. 12 classes per month £109 click to sign-up

We have limited numbers and a booking system so that it’s semi-personal training in a group environment.

Lifting Women combines semi-personal training with a sports club ethos of team enjoyment and the knowledge that you pursue an athletic endeavour – the sport and skill of strength training.

online kettlebell training for women
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Timetable And Prices


  1. Six classes per month £69
  2. Nine classes per month £89
  3. Twelve classes per month £109

The supporting 3x a week app classes and a maximum of 6x open gym sessions per month is included in those prices.

NOTE: Classes and open gym sessions will need to be booked onto in advance via the Lifting Women WhatsApp group – if nobody is booked in then we may not be there to let you in!