New floors

They smell very strongly of rubber atm but they feel really nice to put your hands on, and as we do a lot of supporting our bodies off the floor work, this is welcome. Supporting percentages of your bodyweight with your hands on the floor will make you glow in the dark. Actually it just makes you generally harder and more flexible. Kind of like rubber… yes I AM indeed comparing our bodies favourably to the properties of rubber. Moving swiftly on and I recommend you DON’T google the words “rubber body” in search of a suitable picture to put here.

Monkey Bars

Summer is the time when we hang out in playgrounds with our sprogs a little more so here’s where we get to show off. Because the way we train here creates really hard hands, grip, and core strength, as a side effect a lot of us can do monkey bars without even trying. Even those of us who could never do them as kids and only realised they could do them a few weeks ago messing around in the gym.

New Open Gym Times

Check it. You gotta scroll down. Groupies only. You can be one.

Breaking news: Ski-erging is universally LOVED by Lifting Women

This is a lie.

It is however, proving to be a potent accelerator to how much work we can get done in 45 minutes. The combination of high tension kb and bodyweight strength with cardio sprints is basically the unicorn of fitness training. It’s making us be better parents, helping straighten out our office-squashed bodies, tempting us with the bug of how delicious the shower and snack feels afterwards.

ERG ARMY Training Camp

There’s still time to sign up for ski and row erg training. If you’re thinking “not for me thanks”, for any self-doubt reasons, know that last year we had class member’s 70 year old dad join because he had nothing to do that weekend and quite fancied getting fit. It is truly transformative for anyone. We have rowers, you don’t even need to stand up (I lie you do) 😉 Look here

Next month – Sports Day is coming

Careful now. I’m a sports day hater, like a lot of you. So this is less of what you remember from school and more about what you know about me. It’s an opportunity to get all of my members together, celebrate our bodies on spacehoppers and with eggs and spoons, eat and drink together, and pray we don’t get rained on. If you’re reading this, you’re curious, and local, drop me an email and you’ll be warmly welcomed to come and join in.

April and May

Eating chocolate

What’s going on in April? Easter Eggs. That’s what’s going on. Easter is important for Juno because we love a good carb-fuelled training session, it helps us lift faster and heavier and makes our life way better.

Who loves cardio?

The eagle-eyed among us will notice that we have some new cardio equipment. It’s pretty big, so you’d have to have eyes like mine without my one contact lens not to notice. But the point is, I’m very picky about cardio equipment because our cardio has to be purposeful and as efficient as possible at making us better humans. We’re going to be learning how to move our bodies on this equipment as part of our new Lifting Women group training blocks over the spring/summer. Have you ever thought about *how*  you move your body when you’re doing cardio and using cardio based equipment? It’s same but different to lifting kettlebells – technique makes you better at it, makes it work better on you, and makes you able to do it for longer.

Why Should I Care?

Here’s what you need to know about why why we teach the techniques that we teach, and why I’m so picky about it and here’s how you can come and see us in May to learn first-hand. We have a LOT of fun on these workshops, if you hate fun don’t bother 😉

The Gym Temperature (lol 😂)

Gym Micro-Climate Update – it’s finally one of the two PERFECT temperatures of the year in the gym now. April-May and Sept-Oct. Not too hot, not too arctic. Enjoy while it lasts! Remember, training in real temperatures trains you to be able to do hard things in all temperatures 😉 (also I’m working on insulation for next winter, I’ll keep you posted)

Wanna Be AWESOME with a kettlebell?

April 29-30 we’re teaching an RKC Kettlebell Workshop – it’s going to be MEGA and I’m so excited to spend a weekend teaching bodies to get the unique adaptions that a great ability to use heavy kettlebells gives. I teach you this when you train with me regularly but if you want ALL of the information and my eyes on you in one weekend, you’ll get way more than you ever expected out of this. Waiting list is open for the next one – link above and date tbc. This is one of the absolute highlights of my year, you all know how much I love getting deep teaching kettlebell technique and literally changing people’s lives. I mean, maybe only a little bit, but they’re definitely changed!

Class Takeovers

Craig has been taking over some classes this month and next as I’ve been in hospital and then I’m taking my kids on a rugby tour to Wales (that’s actually been cancelled but the team are still going and I’ve paid my money and I hear there’s a beach and arcades so can you blame me for wanting to still go?) The 5 burpees per latecomer policy has gone down SO WELL I can tell you. Don’t be late lol.

New Members 🙂

We’ve had a lot of new faces in the past few months in Lifting Women which is ACE. But this means our training has been pared back to making the basics work REALLY well – swings, presses, squats, hanging and plank variations. We’re soon going to change our structure a little to make sure we’re bringing the whole crew up to speed with our more complex techniques  – Turkish get-ups and snatches, mostly. But it’ll be great and it means we’re all going to have change to get deep with technique and unlock all the amazing things our bodies are capable of, that you simply cannot get anywhere else without driving a long way out of Coventry.

This is why we do the kettlebell movements that we do and what they do for your body.

Until next time

Drop me a message if you want to get involved in ANY of the above, including Easter egg sharing. I’ve still got loads lol.